Don't meet Talhah

O people, we have been born in  

Verily, God sent Muhammad (S)

Woe to you! I am tired of rebuking you
Praise belongs to God, even though
I warn you
I took up the task
Doubt is called doubt because
I am faced with such who do not obey
A true statement to which a false meaning
O people, loyalty and truthfulness are twins
O people, what I fear most for you
My preparations for war with the Syrians
May God disgrace Masqalah
Praise belongs to God, Whose mercy
My God, I seek Thy refuge
Kufah! It is as if I see you
Praise belongs to God when night
Praise belongs to God, Who knows the inside
Verily, the source of misguidance lies in
They ask you to feed them
Lo, the world has
Rush towards me
As to your statement that
In the company of the Prophet (S)
Soon after me, a man
The sand-storms struck you
The place they shall fall
Certainly not. By God, they are yet sperm
Do not fight the Khawarij after me