Praise belongs to God, Whose Glory lies beyond

 I praise Him, seeking the completion of His bounty

 By God, so and so (Ibn Abi Quhafah)

 Through us you were guided
 O people, tear the waves of
 By God, I shall not be like the badger that
 They have taken Satan to be the sovereign
He claims that he swore allegiance
 They thundered and
 Lo, Satan has brought together
 Mountains shift, yet you shouldn't
 Does your brother love us
 You are a woman's army
 Your land is close to the sea
By God, even if I had found that
 My word is the guarantee of my promise
 The most detestable of creatures
 When a case is put before
 What know ye what is against me 
 Indeed, if you could see
 Your ultimate goal is before you
 Lo, Satan has begun encouraging
 Verily, the command descends
 By my life
 It is only Kufah
 Verily, God sent Muhammad (S)
 Indeed, jihad is one of the doors of Paradise
 Surely, the world has turned its back
 O people, who are together with their bodies, but
If I had ordered it