There is a protective shield of God

Lo, this world is a place

Fear God, O servants of God

Praise belongs to God
O Muslims
Why didn't you argue
I had intended to make Hashim
How long shall I accord to you the consideration
I fell asleep as I sat
O people of Iraq
My God, Who art the spreader
Didn't he give me his allegiance after
You know for certain that
Didn't the knowledge of Banu Umayyah
May God have mercy upon him who
The Banu Umayyah
My God, forgive me
Do you claim that
O people, women are
O people, zuhd lies in
How should I describe this house
Praise belongs to God, Who is high
How strange of the son of al-Nabighah
I bear witness that there is no god except Allah
He knows the secrets
O servants of God, the most beloved of God's
God didn't crush any tyrant before
He sent him after a period
Praise belongs to God, Who is
Praise belongs to God, Who is not enriched by