Praise is God's, Who proves

He has been allowed a respite

The enlightened heart

Praise belongs to God, Whom epithets

Whoever can
Praise belongs to God, Who has made
He sent him at a time
I was a goodly neighbour unto you
His command is judicious and wise
He sent him with a brilliant light
O brother of Banu Asad
Praise belongs to God, the Creator
The people are behind me
He originated them
The young among you
God Almighty sent down the Book
O brothers, I am not ignorant of
Verily, God sent the Prophet
Do you see, those who have sent you
O God, the Lord of the roof raised high
Praise belongs to God, from Whom one heaven
The trustee of His revelations
As for me, I am not intimidated by war
O negligent people
Draw benefit from God's
You have all agreed to select
An engagement does not
Eyes perceive Him not
I praise God for what He has ordained
Away with them