My God, whoever of Thy servants

Praise belongs to God, Who is above

I bear witness that He is First

Praise belongs to God, Who

God Almighty has given me a right

My God, I beseech Thee to avenge Quraysh
Abu Muhammad lies a stranger
He revived his intellect
How far-fetched are his hopes
Indeed, God Almighty has made His remembrance
The addressee is without any excuse
By God, if I were to spend a night on the thorns
My God, save my face
It is a house surrounded by tribulations
My God, Thou art the friendliest of the friendly
So and so did good for God's sake
You drew my hand and I held it back
Verily, God-fearing is the key
He discharged whatever he was commanded to do
The property is neither mine nor yours
Beware that the tongue is a part
The difference between them
My father and my mother
I began following
Act while there is respite
About the two arbitrators
They are life for knowledge
O lbn-`Abbas
God requires you to be grateful