Were all of you with us

Whoever among you

Place the armoured at the fore

We did not make persons arbiters
Do you ask me to seek
If you refuse to stop claiming
O Ahnaf
O servants of God
O Abu Dharr
O those of differing minds
We praise Him for whatever
The world and the Hereafter have
God has taken upon Himself
O son of the accursed
Your allegiance
By God, they did not
He will made desires conform to
No one overtook me
Verily, it befits those who are saved
O people, one who knows his brother
One who lays goodness where it is not
Lo, the earth which bears you
God sent His apostles
O people, you are in this world
The victory in this matter
God sent Muhammad
Each of the two
O people, every man shall meet
They took to the right and to the left
I praise God and seek His help