Praise belongs to God, towards Whom

 Praise belongs to God, Who is known

Keep silent. May God disgrace you

Praise belongs to God Whom senses cannot perceive

He who attributes to Him states

May my father and my mother
O people, I advise you to fear God
One kind of faith is one which is fixed
I praise Him in gratitude for His
Praise belongs to God Who has
Praise belongs to God Who has donned
God Almighty created the creatures
We praise Him for succouring
Praise belongs to God, Who has made manifest
He sent him (the Prophet) when there wasn't
Those Companions of Muhammad
He knows the criest of the beasts in wilderness
Commit yourselves to prayer
By God, Mu`awiyah is not smarter than me
O people, don't be averse to
O Messenger of God, may peace be upon you
O people, verily this world is a
May God's mercy be upon you, procure provision
Addressed to Talhah and al-Zubayr
I dislike that you should be abusers
Hold back this young man
O people, matters between you and me
What will you do with this spacious house
Verily, that which is in the people's hands
It was through the sway of His power