Leave me and find someone else

I have pulled out the eyes of

Blessed is God, who is not attained by

He sent him when the people
Praise belongs to God, Who is the First
If He gives respite to the oppressor
By God, they will continue
We praise Him
Praise be to God, who spreads
Praise be to God, the First
On that day God will collect
O people, look at the world
God Almighty sent Muhammad
Until God sent Muhammad
Praise belongs to God, Who laid down
I have seen
Praise belongs to God, Who is Manifest
Everything humbles itself
The best means by which
I warn you
Do you feel it when he enters
I warn you
Praise belongs to God, Who
My God, our hands have
He sent him as a caller unto
You spent no wealth
You are supporters of the truth
What is wrong with you
By God, I have known
This is the punishment